‘If you get scared you will reject a lot of thoughts,’ said Imtiaz


He may have gained popularity as a romantic chief in his decade-old film career yet Imtiaz Ali says he could never relinquish a decent romantic tale only for the dread of getting pigeonhole. The chief is best known for making refreshing dramas like Jab We Met, Love Aaj Kal, Rockstar and Tamasha. Imtiaz feels that getting frightened of being pigeonhole once in a while prompts to the dismissal of smart thoughts from brain, which he never needs to do to pass the time.

"If you get scared you will reject a lot of thoughts that come into your mind. You should understand that when a story comes to someone's mind it doesn't come to you as a genre, it just comes like a story," Imtiaz told to a news agency on the side-lines of NFDC Film Bazaar.

"It's only when you pursue it, you find out what genre it could belong to. So, I don't worry about being typecast. If I'm interested in a certain story, I just go with it,"he included.

As per the director, it is at last his choice to make the sort of movies he needs. "It's upto me to make a motion picture that I need. And I feel blessed that I'm typically ready to make the movies that I need," he said.

Imtiaz's movies for the most part narrative the lives of two characters and when inquired as to whether his life has any impact on the stories he makes, the chief says, "My life has an impact on my movies yet it's a roundabout impact. It's not as if I compose self-portrayingly but rather then I do go into spots and meet individuals and it's half experience of specific things that I attempt to make full in my motion pictures."

A significant voyage is another critical perspective in the greater part of his stories however Imtiaz says he never "pre-chooses" the idea for his movies.

"I simply peer inside and see what intrigues me and in which bearing I'm going. It's not a pre-chosen travel inevitably. I simply go in the heading that the story takes me," said Imtiaz.

The Tamasha helmer may have been a few people's top choice, because of his reviving style of composing however he himself is a major fanatic of veteran movie producer Bimal Roy.

At the point when gotten some information about the one producer he would help given a possibility, Imtiaz says, "In Indian silver screen, Bimal Roy's movies had part of adoration and artfulness. Along these lines, certainly him." Imtiaz is next dealing with his up and coming film with Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma. The venture is probably titled The Ring.

"It was truly decent to work with Shah Rukh in the film. I'm anticipating it," he says.