If you are Shopping Addict, Then go to Kochi


Kochi, formerly known as Cochin, is a city and port in the Indian state of Kerala. The culture of the city can be termed as predominantly South Indian. Residents of Kochi are known as Kochiites; they are an important part of the South Indian weltanschauung. However, the city’s culture is rapidly evolving, with Kochiites generally becoming more cosmopolitan in their outlook.

Kochi’s options to shop almost rivals its obsession with food and nowadays barely a year goes by without some vast new retail monolith flinging open its doors to the slavering hordes. Among visitors to Kerala , the city’s reputation as a bargain-hunters’ paradise has lingered, though in price terms many items in Kochi can be cheaper and can be “bundled” with more products if you know how to bargain and where to bargain and we are outlining some areas in Kochi where you can get great bargains for shopping in Kochi.

If you want to meet the Ghosts then go these Places

Lulu Shopping Mall

lulumallLuLu Shopping Mall located in Edappally is among the biggest malls in Asia and is the centre of shopping activities and things to do in Kochi with fashion shows and musical performances to celebrity visits and kids activities that is organised here once in a while. In addition to brands like LuLu Hypermarket, LuLu Fashion Store, LuLu Celebrate, LuLu Connect, Walt Disney and Barbie and as many as 320 international and national brands have a presence in the mall out of which 46 set up their shop in Kerala for the first time in Lulu Shopping Mall.A 20-story, 300-room hotel managed by JW Marriott Hotels is also located on the mall premises along with an exclusive entertainment zone and a food court with a capacity of 3,000 at the top floor.

Bazaar Road

bazaarRunning from Fort Cochin to Mattancherry, this two kilometer stretch of road is where Kerala’s commodities are sold. This is a narrow section of road filled with tiny open-fronted shops advertising wholesale, retail or commission sales. Green cardamom, Pepper, Cinnamon, brown cardamom, cloves, bay leaf and other unique things to buy in Kochi are all on offer in he shops here .Try and pick well-sealed packets rather than open spices as the vacuum packed spices will keep fresh longer. There are many shops along Bazaar Rd, selling spices, pulses etc and is much cheaper to buy here than in Jew Town, where everything is more tourist-orientated. Some are actually whole-sellers, but there are plenty shops selling small quantities of spices as well. This is also best option to buy great souvenirs to carry back from Kerala.


BroadwayThe area is characterized by narrow roads, quite ironical to its name! One can buy varieties of clothes and spices here which are famous in kochi. It is a perfect spot for shopping and you will get all kind of stuffs here. Electronic goods, umbrellas (from Colombo Umbrella House), spices, clothes, jewellery, leather goods, stationary, watches the list is too big and Broadway adjoins Ernakulam Market where you can get wholesale prices as well. Broadway features many hole-in-the-wall spice shops.

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