Iconic Places where you can photograph


Photography not only capture moments but today it has become a global cacophony of freeze- frames. Millions of pictures are uploaded every minute.



Even today, Antarctica overwhelms us. Already iconic, seared into our imaginations from the tales of heroic exploration and tragic, fatal failure of the last century, Antarctica overpowers us from afar, humbling even seasoned travellers, more vast in reality than our imaginations can muster. It has the stunning outbursts of towering mountain ranges ripping across the face of the deep blue sky, the sublime blue and turquoise icebergs and glaciers, and the inconceivable abundance of life.  


2. Venice, Italy

Graceful, beautiful, and constantly enchanting, Venice is also a prime example of the tragic, all-consuming lust for wealth, power, and sordid ambitions. That all these contradictions coexist in such a sumptuous milieu makes it, rightly, a destination synonymous with worldly experience. “See Venice and die” puts the city squarely at the ultimate conclusion of any bucket list.

3. Machu Picchu, Peru

Lost to most for 400 years under the encroaching jungle of the high Andes, Machu Picchu’s magic was rekindled after iconic explorer Hiram Bingham rediscovered it in 1911 and brought it to the modern world. A century later it is still astounding, evoking wonder for the Inca kings and their opulent retreat in the high mountains, a stupendous sanctuary wrapped by surrounding mountains, plunging valleys, and ever swirling clouds.

4. Stonehenge, England

Few places invoke timelessness like Stonehenge. The absolute knowledge that every year for the past 5,000 years the Earth, the sun, and Stonehenge have all lined up just so that the rays of light glancing across the face of Salisbury Plain slip through the upright stones— it sets our sense of cosmic order on fire. The rocks hulk there, brawny yet graceful, set in place by crafty people we can scarce imagine or recall.

5. Taj Mahal, India

The Taj Mahal is famous for being beautiful (certainly), famous for being the symbol of enduring love (perhaps,) and most of all famous for being famous. For centuries it was the “must see” tourist sight of them all. Millions of photographs have been taken from the exact same spot at the reflecting pool, each “perfect” in the same way that the marble monument itself is perfect.