Iconic Australian venues targeted in IS video


Several iconic Australian venues have appeared in a recent Islamic State (IS) terror group propaganda video.

The video shows confronting images of beheadings, corpses and missiles in the Middle East before cutting to a shot of Melbourne's cityscape.

The Melbourne Airport, a Qantas passenger jet, Flinders Street Station and St.Paul's Cathedral appear in the video just after a shot of a mosque being blown up.

Counter-terrorism authorities said they were aware of the video but not of any direct threats to Melbourne.

Michael Keenan, Australia's Minister for Justice and Minister said the efforts to establish safety set up in Melbourne were world class. 

"All Australians and Victorians specifically ought to feel exceptionally certain that our endeavors are doing what they're required to do and that is guarding our nation from this over the top psychological warfare association," Keenan said on Friday. 

A representative for Victoria Police's counter-psychological warfare summon said the video was "comparable in substance" to material that had beforehand been discharged by IS. 

"While such materials are aggravating, Victoria Police doesn't know about any immediate risk to the Victorian people group or framework as of now," the representative said.