IAF chief Arup Raha: POK remains a thorn in our flesh today


Referring to PM Jawaharlal Nehru’s choice to take the Kashmir question to the United Nations, IAF boss Arup Raha said, “And when a military arrangement was in sight, we went to UN for an answer for this issue. The issue still proceeds. POK remains a thistle in our substance today.” “We ignored the part of the military energy to keep up favorable environment,” Raha said.

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The remarks are in a state of harmony with the perspective that India did not utilize its predominance in customary arms in settling the Kashmir question when Pakistan had not obtained atomic weapons. Raha said the security environment was vitiated and aviation force would be required to stop a contention in the area furthermore guarantee peace and serenity.

He said India has been “hesitant” to utilize military force, particularly air power, in stopping foes previously. He said that in 1962, air power went under-used on account of the trepidation of an engagement. “In 1965 clash, we didn’t utilize air power against East Pakistan on account of political reasons notwithstanding Pakistani Air Force working from East Pakistan and assaulting our bases, base and airplane on ground.

We had serious difficulties however we never struck back,” Raha said. The IAF boss said the main time when air force was completely used was in 1971 war and the three powers mixed bringing about the formation of Bangladesh.

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