I Was Sitting At Home With No Work: Jacqueline Fernandez


Jacqueline has become hot property with filmmakers. After a busy 2015 (Roy, Bangistan, Brothers), she has already opened 2016 with Housefull 3 and Dishoom and is gearing up for A Flying Jatt. The actress talks about her soaring career. Three releases in three months — Housefull 3, Dishoom and A Flying Jatt. You are doing back-to-back films!

I have really worked hard. From the beginning till now it has been a long journey. When I look back in the beginning, I was sitting at home with no work! And now I am doing back-to-back films and I am working with amazing actors, directors and big productions. My job has become challenging now because I need to perform better and keep rising.

Do you get a chance to show your flair for action in A Flying Jatt?

Not in this film because Tiger is playing the title role, he is the one who is flying and doing all the stunts. I am like a love interest; a simple common person. But, trust me, Tiger Shroff does enough action for all of us in the film. The movie is an action-packed adventure with fantastic humour.

Don’t you think a superwoman film should also be made?

If any director is planning to make a superwoman film, please call me (guffaws).

Which is the best compliment you received till now for A Flying Jatt?

The film is raising laughs from people and I love that. We have created a superhero film but at the same time we have managed to entertain people; I really like the way people are connecting to the superhero.A substantial portion of the film was shot in Maldives.

What do you recall about the experience?

In Maldives, pretty much everyone watches Hindi movies. They are huge fans of our movies. We got a great welcome since A Flying Jatt has a really interesting theme and a very good social message about saving the environment.In Maldives right now they are really protective about their ocean. When we went diving to watch the beautiful sea creatures, they were really protective about their marine life too.Nowadays, Hindi film actors are taking strides in Hollywood.

Are you keen to be part of the  Hollywood bandwagon? 

Honestly, for an artiste we don’t want to limit ourselves in any way. Whether it is a Chinese movie or a British production or Hollywood, it’s an opportunity. We are doing some great work here as well and we are working with some amazing talents so it’s about balancing the two.