I Try And Stay Quiet Because You Have So Much Going On In Your Head: Anushka Sharma


Anushka Sharma has not had a day's rest for more than seven months now, juggling film shoots and after generation work of her up and coming activities. The performer has quite recently wrapped up the shoot of Karan Johar's Ae Dil Hain Mushkil and started chip away at Imtiaz Ali's next with Shah Rukh Khan

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Says a source close to Anushka, “She didn’t even take time off for her birthday as she was shooting for her home production Phillauri. Right now, she is prepping for her role in Imtiaz’s film. She has been constantly in touch with the director to develop this character and bring to fore a unseen side of herself.”Anushka is in London currently with bea Virat Kohli. Not long from now, she starts shooting for Ali's film, a romantic tale, for which the cast and team will go to numerous outlandish areas in Europe. Ask the on-screen character for what good reason she is never seen anyplace other than business related occasions, and on the off chance that she is transforming into a loner,she asks, “What is the definition of a recluse?”

Someone who prefers to stay at home rather than party, a bit of an introvert… Like a hermit who live in the mountains? She smiles, “Yes, I am something like that. You know, I am capable of becoming a hermit and just going off to the mountains (laughs). I wasn’t even partying when I was a teenager. I like to keep to myself for sure, I spend a lot of time at home. We get so busy that we only have that much time so we have to prioritise. You have to give some time to your loved ones. My priorities are very clear.”

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She continues, “My work and family is most important. And even before family, I am very important. I need time to unwind, to feel good… If I am by myself, I unwind by doing basic things like lying on my bed and watching TV. I try and stay quiet because you have so much going on in your head. I just try to not speak to anyone. The reason is because I am very busy and also that I have never been very social as a person.”

Ask her about her friends and she says, “I have only three friends — my brother is my closest friend, Sudeep and Amira are two of my other friends. We don’t expect to message or talk or meet each other every day, but we are there for each other and we care about each other a lot. There is a lot of realness in the relationship I have with them and I like it that way. I can’t have any other relationship. Any relationship should not be conditional. I don’t like going out too much. I find parties exhausting — getting dressed up and going somewhere.” The only parties she is seen at are at Karan Johar’s home. She admits, “He’s the only person’s house I go to. His parties are usually with a small group of people and I really like going to Karan’s house. I like spending time with him as I find him interesting as a person. I read his columns and loved his last one. Also, I connect with very few people.”