I Saw My Dad Grapple With Alcohol: Pooja Bhatt


A discussion with one of the primary groups of India, the Bhatts, is not one to stop by consistently.The nation's driving TV station, India Today TV, united executive Mahesh Bhatt and his girls Pooja and Alia on the last place anyone would want to be for a close  with Karan Thapar on 'India Tomorrow' that was disclosed on August 7.The nitty gritty visit that reaches out for 60 minutes is a tell-the majority of the family as individuals from Indian silver screen throughout the decades and their own conditions, from the time the most seasoned girl Pooja was destined to the present accomplishment of Alia.

Talking about Mahesh Bhatt as a father, Alia uncovers,  "He's not a regular person, in general, so one would also imagine that he would not be a regular dad. He's not the dad who wants to sit down on every Sunday with you or tell you to do well in school or do well in that. He's the opposite – he would tell me to fail. He totally took the idea out of my head that failure is a bad thing."The daughters are evidently in awe of their father, irrespective of his absence from their lives either due to his divorce from first wife Kiran in 1990 who gave birth to Pooja, or his long work hours during Alia's formative years.Pooja shares, "I had the privilege of knowing him in a manner that Alia, Shaheen and Sunny (her younger siblings) never did because I think I knew him through that difficult phase of failure, which none of my siblings have seen or witnessed."

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She encourage uncovers,, "I saw him grapple with alcohol, I saw him give it up and for me that is his greatest achievement. So I think I have an edge over my siblings not only because I've worked with him, but I've seen him through the depths of despair and I've seen him rise."
Meanwhile, Mahesh opens up about his love for his late mother, the life she lived as an unmarried parent with a child, and the lessons he learnt from women due to her influence.
As for his admiration for his daughters, he says, "I sit here enchanted by what's coming from these people. I'm the adoring father, they have made me superfluous."Other details include Alia's recent successes and how she deals with failure and Pooja's plans to create a web series on female orgasms.While Alia compares having a flop film to being "worse than heartbreak," speaking of the controversy surrounding her recent flick Udta Punjab she states, "I would not wish that upon anybody because it was traumatic. You should have seen my directors face. I just wanted to put him in a bubble bath because he was just looking so distraught."

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