I may do special appearance in Jolly LLB 2, says Arshad Warsi


Actor Arshad Warsi might be seen in upcoming movie Jolly LLB 2. Earlier, he was seen playing a character of lawyer in first sequel of Subhash Kapoor’s film Jolly LLB.

For now, the film makers have roped in Akshay Kumar for the upcoming movie Jolly LLB 2.

“I wish I was doing it but then I have so many other films. I may just do a special appearance…depends on whether I am part of the script. And also I should have time as I would be outside Mumbai for other projects,” said Arshad.

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 “It must be hard for others to believe it that how come it doesn’t bother me? It actually doesn’t bother me. It bothers me more for Subhash Kapoor as he is doing one film at a time. He needs to start the film, he has been waiting for it to start,” Arshad said.

“I never created anything. It is my director Subhash Kapoor who created Jolly LLB. I just enacted and put life into it,” he added.

Warsi added, “They (producers) kept debating either it’s Akshay Kumar (or me). I told them to go ahead with him.”

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“I think Akshay fits the bill. He has the capability of looking like an innocent person and yet be a dude on a bike. He can be a village or city man on screen, he pulls off everything. He was the better choice,” Arshad added.

“It is not the decision of director Subhash Kapoor, it is the marketing team of Fox Star Studios that decided they should take a bigger star as it helps them in selling and marketing the film…. As business people they (producers) have done their job,” he said.