I-Day Speech Is Now Causing P.M Modi Embarassment


PM Narendra Modi, in his hour and a half discourse on Independence Day, made an uncommon notice of a town that was, until then, obscure to Indians.

The Prime Minister talked about the Nagla Fatela town in Uttar Pradesh to brag how his administration has lit up towns that had never seen power."Nagla Fatela village is just three hours from Delhi, but Delhi took 70 years to send electricity to it," Modi said.

The official Twitter handle of PMO India later put out a photo of the residents of the village, located in the Mahamaya Nagar district, watching the I-Day celebrations. The post insisted they were watching it "for the first time".

A day later, however, reports refuting PM's claims started pouring in, with villagers and local administration calling out Modi for using the village to tom-tom his alleged achievements wrongly.

The village pradhan, Yogesh Kumar, said contrary to Modi's claims, most villages in the area are still without power. Kumar Told Media that out of 600 homes in the village, 450 are without power. Even the remaining 150 homes with electricity have got it illegally, through what are called 'katia' connections. These houses have connected their house to a transformer meant to run 22 tubewells.

He, however, admitted that the houses got poles, wires and meters under the Deen Dayal Upadhyay Gram Jyoti Yojana. But no electricity yet, he insisted.