I believe in having my own space: Sonam Kapoor


Fat-shaming, skinny-shaming, fit-shaming, these are words swirling around Sonam Kapoor ever since her online piece went fly currently. 

Sonam Kapoor is wearing a wine-coloured, off-shoulder dress, with delicate jewellery, her poker-straight hair left loose. She owns the look, as she does with whatever she throws on. “I love looking amazing on the red carpet, but people need to understand that it takes me four hours to look like that,” she says.

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I don’t have an exalted idea of myself, but I do have a very strong sense of self. I believe in having my own space. Fashion taught me a lot – people celebrated me because I was different. I march to the beat of my own drum. My parents [Anil and Sunita Kapoor] encouraged us to be ourselves. We weren’t told to follow a religion. My sister [Rhea] is an atheist, my brother [Harshvardhan] is agnostic and I have faith. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to be in a live-in relationship because I’m not comfortable with that. But it doesn’t mean that I’m conforming to societal norms. That’s my choice. 

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