I am glad for playing a “gay” in ‘Dishoom’ says Akshay kumar


Akshay Kumar stunned everybody by playing a gay character in the recently released film Dishoom. Despite the fact that his part was a cameo, the viewers were placed in parts and commended him for his guts.

Discussing the experience, the performing artist told a daily that he had dependably been a gay symbol since long and he is happy that he got the opportunity to give back the affection. Uncovering his shooting background, Akshay said that he alternated sitting on the laps of Varun Dhawan and John Abraham yet laments that the part was a little one as he would have hung out with those beef cakes forever

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He was further solicited whether he was perplexed from getting his picture influenced and he said, "Truly, I wasn't afraid for a moment. I was, be that as it may, trusting the world would grasp my character. With respect to my picture, I'm completely mindful I've been a gay symbol in India for a long time now.

In the event that I can be adored by the gay brotherhood is there any valid reason why i shouldn't depict one in accordance with some basic honesty for all their affection and backing throughout the years? I can dare to dream the gay group is as glad as I am to have done this. This truly could have gone in any case, however I'm so happy it's been acknowledged by everybody, the world is at last improving!"

Discussing the entertaining scene, the Khiladi expressed, "Well, the day I strolled onto the sets in Dubai killing my kilt and man-bun, was the day John Abraham took a gander at me from an alternate perspective. All things considered, we've been through, he thought there were no curve balls left. Both he and Varun demonstrated to me a great deal of affection, which I joyfully returned by sitting on their laps and pulling their leg the whole day.

We share more than simply great times, we even share our sushi. It sort of gutted me that my cameo was so short since I could have hung out with these beefcakes until the end of time!"

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The on-screen character was motivated by Marc Jacobs for his man-bun look. "I am exceptionally thankful for the appreciation. The look was propelled by Marc Jacobs, which Rohit and I couldn't hold up to sort out on screen. My beautician truly had a field day making the outfits as it was a unique look and was sourced from London