“I am at my best in Test cricket”, says Ishant Sharma


Indian Cricketer Ishant Sharma is all set for upcoming Test series against West Indies which will be played from July 14 to 16. He believes that the longer format of the game is his best suit.

He has been the first bowler who was picked up by the coach for the test matches. Ishant Sharma will not given permanent place in the shorter formats of the game.

"You have to be honest with yourself, that's the most important thing. If you are being honest with yourself it's easy to accept things. I know that I didn't do well in the shorter formats of the game, so I accepted it," Ishant said on bcci.tv on Tuesday (July 12). He further added that, "But I am doing well in Test cricket so I know what my strength is."

"If you are playing all formats of the game, it's very difficult to think what's going wrong for you and what's going right for you," Ishant said.

Ishant Sharma alleged that, "It's very difficult as you have (a) very short time to understand all these things. I know I didn't do well in T20s. I think everybody has their strengths. I always believe in that, and there is no harm to accept that thing."

Earlier, when India toured against West Indies in 2011, Ishant Sharma enjoyed a productive time. From three test series, he took 22 wickets at an impressive average of 16.86.

"I am sharing my experiences and hoping that what worked for me also works for them," he said. "But then they have to also identify their areas of strength because everybody has their own strengths. Bhuvi's (Bhuvneshwar Kumar) strength is swing, but he can't extract the bounce like I can do. Similarly, I can't get the ball to swing like him."

Ishant Sharma said, "You have to work hard enough even if conditions are not favourable. It is easy to give up and say there's nothing in the wicket so spinners will do the job and we (pacers) will only try to hit the areas. But you should back yourself and go flat out. I like to go flat out whether it is my second or third spell. If I am playing, I give my 100%. That makes me a different bowler.”

"The conditions are very challenging. It's pretty hot out there, so you need to look after yourself properly. And obviously the time difference, it's totally a different time zone and you need to be mindful of that as well, especially when you are playing four Test matches," Ishant concluded.