I always look for a decent script: Vinay Pathak


Vinay Pathak's propensity for tickling interesting bone is unbelievable. In each of his films, one can see him in another part, mostly comic, which he pulls off with an uncommon panache. His most recent motion picture 'Island City' has made waves in universal film celebrations. As per the 'Bheja Fry' on-screen character, the motion picture is around three standing out people from disorderly lives who are attempting to understand their general surroundings. "The first occasion when I read the script of the film, I was essentially awed and consented to do the part on the grounds that getting a decent script is uncommon nowadays,'' says Pathak.

I’m focussing on direction now: Vinay Pathak

In the motion picture, Pathak plays an exhausting corporate person and seems to be submissive and unadventurous who has no aspiration in life. At last, a day comes when he is made to have some good times and things simply go haywire. Pathak feels that for an on-screen character like him, script is more essential than working with a major pennant. As indicated by him, huge standards are imperative, undoubtedly, however the script gives him genuine test. "For me, there is no isolating line amongst workmanship and business silver screen. I did "Badlapur" a year ago which was a business film. Give me a decent part, and I am amusement for any sort of silver screen,'' says the on-screen character.

At the point when gotten some information about workmanship silver screen, Pathak says that nobody makes craftsmanship film nowadays. The last time he saw a workmanship motion picture was Gurvinder Singh's Punjabi motion picture 'Anhe Ghorey Da Daan' and afterward 'Chauthi Koot'.

Pathak would love to coordinate a motion picture if given a chance sooner rather than later.

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