Hyundai presents robot exoskeleton that powers super-strength


Seoul. The day is not far when the common man will be seen in a protective and versatile dress of robot. South Korean company Hyundai Motor Group has made a cool robot exoskeleton that is sort of like an iron Man suit and allows the wearer to lift hundreds of kilograms which can be used in many field including military and production.

It’s been told that wearer’s physical strength will increase after wearing this robot exoskeleton and would be able to lift more than 60kgs.

The new exoskeleton is seemingly the updated version of Hyundai H-LEX that it presented last year which was designed to help the elderly and physically disabled around.

This sort of exoskeleton is something that is being worked on by multiple companies for a variety of uses. Many of them focus on military uses to allow soldiers to carry more equipment in the field with less effort. Exoskeletons might also one day allow the paralyzed to walk again.