Hyundai has discontinued ‘Santa Fe’ in India


Hyundai, The Korean automobile makers has discontinued their SUV named Santa Fe in India. Hyundai has kept it very secret as they silently removed the ‘Santa Fe’ from their official website.

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Those who are still doing the Bookings, are the only dealers who the big SUV from Hyundai in their stock.

The reason behind this ‘Discontinuation’ is that ‘Santa Fe’ is a ‘slow mover’, which means its sales are low in India. Since July only 14 units were sold. In the first quarter of the financial year 17-18, number of ‘Santa Fe ‘ sold was 45 only, and this kind of low sales is not beneficial for the company, hence they decided to ‘Discontinue’ the SUV from the Indian market.

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The model of Santa Fe that was on sale India till now was the third-generation model; it was launched in the India at the 2014 Auto Expo.

Hyundai till now has not yet revealed any plans of bringing up a new model.

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