Hyderabad Racer Won Polo Cup


HYDERABAD: Anindith Reddy Konda of Hyderabad has the sole difference of being the only one from India to attribute in the Shanghai surrounding of the prestigious Polo Cup China, where he will be the racer. On Monday City boy Anindith Reddy warmed the racing enthusiasts in the city by concluding runner-up in the Shanghai leg of the prestigious Polo Cup . What makes Anindith's achievement all the more notable is the fact that he achieved this accomplishment on his international first appearance. The 26-year-old son of Chevella MP K. Vishweshwar Reddy, Anindith is the winner of Volkswagen Vento Cup 2015 in Delhi and is at present a leading racer in MRF method 1600 Championship. With an assortment of inspiring performances, he located himself at the third spot and the winner of the series will get a full season with the MRF confront, besides being sent for the Mazda Road to Indy shootout.

Anindith conveyed that, “There are no other participants from India racing in the Shanghai surrounding of Polo Cup China. This event is fairly a significant one for career as it symbols entrance in international racing. “One of the biggest challenges will be the fact that it will be a new car and path for me, so receiving used to that with incomplete time for perform is going to be tough.

Location up to perform next to the other drivers who are more familiar with the machine and have worked with it before, adds to the confront,” remarked the potential star in the world of motor racing, ahead of his first appearance as a guest racer. Shiny on his goals, Anindith conveyed that  he forever goes out with an intense wish to win the race, and to attain that the car running right is going to be key, and that will be his focus area during the race.

He also piercing out that there will be a lot to study and the rivalry will be violent, but also looking ahead to it and will make sure to put best. “The Vento Cup is India’s best single make championship. It trained me a lot concerning wheel to wheel racing, staying calm under pressure and anticipating all the things that can occur in racing,” the winner racer experiential.