Hyderabad Drug Crackdown: Amphetamine worth Rs.45cr Seized


Hyderabad: A Bengaluru based scientist from a private chemical industry in the city and two other were arrested in a major drug crackdown by Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) officials for cooking Amphetamine in Hyderabad.

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A total of 231 kg of amphetamine, worth around Rs. 45 crore and Rs 1.23 crore cash from their possession were seized by the NCB officials.

NCB first seized 221 kg of amphetamine from two persons at Miyapur area here on September 30. Venkat Rama Rao aged 37, a research scientist in a reputed private chemical firm of Bengaluru, had come to Hyderabad to collect the contraband from Ravi Shankar Rao aged 22, NCB said.

After Venkat and Ravi Shankar were arrested, 30 grams of amphetamine and Rs 1.23 crore in cash were seized from a house rented by Venkat near Electronic City in Bengaluru, and his wife was also arrested. Further, 10 kg of amphetamine was seized from a manufacturing lab in Bollaurm area here on October 1. More members of this network were under the scanner. The seized amphetamine was worth about Rs 45 crore, NCB added.

During the investigation, the NCB officials found that the duo had leased a chemical reactor at a factory in IDA Bolarum by informing the owners that they would be manufacturing a drug to cure diarrhoea. “However, instead of making the medicine, the accused were using the reactor to cook amphetamine,” an NCB official said.

Amphetamine is a potent central nervous system stimulant and used as an aphrodisiac and euphoriant by abusers. It is the parent compound in psychotropic substances like Bupropion, Cathinone, MDMA (Ecstacy) and Methamphetamine. Venkat and Ravi confessed that they were selling amphetamine to overseas clients based in South East Asian and African countries.

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