Hyderabad: Cyber cafes in Old City helped IS suspects, says NIA


Hyderabad: The people including Mohammed Ibrahim Yazdani and six others who were arrested on 29 June in link with the Islamic State (IS) allegedly make use of Cyber cafes in old city to download IS propaganda.

The main motive behind using cyber cafes was to get themselves familiarize with the outfit’s activities.

On Wednesday, Four people will be taken into custody by NIA officials with evidence of their online activities.

“We have already gathered information from Facebook and other socials media besides the emails used by the suspects, especially Ibrahim Yazdani, to contact their foreign handlers.” NIA officials said.

On 29 June, The NIA officials had conducted recce, recognized potential targets and even find out the CCTV footage obtained from these places.

“For communication and downloading IS propaganda, they mostly used cyber cafes. Most of the propaganda material recovered from them was in the form of videos, including violent ones and speeches of indoctrination by IS members from Syria and Iraq,” sources in the NIA said.

“The sleuths said investigation so far had thrown up new information about the reconnaissance of shelter house, hideouts and training area in the suburbs of the city. To corroborate the evidence, the suspects would be taken to those places for gathering more information”, they added.