HYDERABAD: ‘Beaten For Leaving Geyser on,’ Said Software engineer Before Death


HYDERABAD: The spouse of a Software in Hyderabad was discovered holding tight Sunday, hours after she messaged her family that she had been pounded for running the spring too long. 

31-year-old Susrutha's message to her dad – which ended up being her last content – said that her significant other Mohan Rao had dragged her out of the restroom and physically ambushed her within the sight of his folks and two children, six and four. 

She later additionally addressed her folks on the telephone and said she had been beaten severely. Her dad Satyanarayana advised her that they would go to her when they could. 

When her folks contacted her home in Hyderabad from Nalgonda, around one and a half hours away, they were advised their little girl had hung herself to death. 

As per Susrutha's folks, her significant other had embarrassed her. 

"He asked her, why did you switch on the geyser…who do you think will pay the bill? She said on the telephone that she was hauled out of the restroom, embarrassed and hit before her in-laws and kids. She was killed. There are wounds everywhere on her body,'' said her dad. 

The family recorded a protestation with the police, after which Susrutha's body was taken to healing facility for a posthumous. 

Susrutha's uncle Madhusudan said Susrutha's significant other and his family had bothered her for quite a long time. "They were hassling her for settlement even after two children," he said. 

Sattaiah, a cop, said cases have been petitioned for various charges including helping suicide. "The young lady's family associates it is a case with homicide. The father Satyanarayana has recorded a grievance with us. We have kept the spouse and family for further addressing.''