Hurricane Irma reaches Georgia, Floridians comes back to typhoon-shattered residences


FLORIDA CITY/MARCO ISLAND:  Typhoon Irma leftovers were witnessed in Florida on Monday that forced the people to come back to their shattered homes. Several Floridians faced shortage of power on Monday.

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Irma was noted as one of the most powerful storm entering Florida and northward along the Gulf Coast to cause mayhem.

On Monday, typhoon Irma reached to the resort archipelago of the Keys, moving toward the Gulf of Mexico and reaching to thin highway.

Natives of city’s Little Haiti come back to the home by passing through the debris of destroyed homes and trees.

“I wanted to cry, but this is what it is, this is life,” Melida Hernandez, a resident said.

Image result for typhoon irmaOn Monday, people witnessed flooding in northeastern Florida involving Jacksonville. The cops evacuated natives from heavy flow of water.

“Stay inside. Go up. Not out,” Jacksonville’s website cautioned natives. “There is flooding throughout the city.”

The typhoon takes the lives of several people and paralyzed the life of residents. Recently, a man was recovered dead in a pickup truck that had collided into a tree in sky-scraping winds.

On Monday, police setup the checkpoint to keep natives safe, on the other hand, authorities are putting lot of efforts to bring back power, water and starts fuel supplies as well as medical service.

Image result for typhoon irmaSeveral Floridians have been told to stay at home and over 200,000 people demanded shelters.

On Monday, several flights were cancelled and people waited at the Miami International Airport due to storm Irma.

Hurricane Irma Approaches Florida, several people hurry to safeguard Homes

Till now, people have detained 29 people for prowling and robbery.