Hundreds of spies to be acquired by UK for fighting against terror


London Britain plans to hire 40% more spies i.e. at 1000 new members to join the ranks of UK’s secret Intelligence service by 2020 against the increased threats to peace from radical terror groups and to exploit the potential of the digital age.

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According to the sources, MI6 is expected to grow from 2,500 to nearly 3,500 to provide extra security for their operations and staff.

Alex Younger, the MI6 Chief, made a rare public appearance at a security conference in the US this week, and warned that the internet and technological advances presented both an "existential threat and a golden opportunity".

"The information revolution fundamentally changes our operating environment. In five years' time there will be two sorts of intelligence services – those that understand this fact and have prospered, and those that don't and haven't. And I'm determined that MI6 will be in the former category," Younger said.

"Our opponents, who are unconstrained by conditions of lawfulness or proportionality, can use these capabilities to gain increasing visibility of our activities which means that we have to completely change the way that we do stuff," he added.

Asked if he thought the threat posed by Islamic State (ISIS) and other Islamist terrorist groups had reached a peak, Younger sounded a cautious note, and replied, "I would like to be optimistic about this but we have got quite long experience of this phenomena now and I see it very much as the flip side to some very deep-seated global trends, not least of all globalisation, the reduction of barriers between us."

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