Huge carp wriggles back into water, two fishermen together can’t stop it


It wasn’t a good day for two fishermen who caught a huge carp, just to have it literally disappear from their hands. A man in Brno, Czech Republic was seen flaunting his huge catch when it suddenly slipped away from his hands to wriggle back into water nearby. The combined efforts of him and his companion couldn’t stop the fish on its way to freedom. Watch the hilarious clip below:

Since being shared online on June 27, the video has been seen more than 45,000 times on YouTube, where the comments section has been filled with hilarious comments.

“Carp Diem,”quips one client, while another imagines what the fish was thinking, “Ha, the water’s simply there, if I can just slip out of his hands, yep, and the other one, now right over the stones, past that damn branch, yes, gotcha suckers!!”