Hrithik on holiday with son hrehaan and hridhaan


After action-packed performance at iifa 2016, actor Hritik roshan, along with his sons, hrehaan and hridhaan, is off to Africa for a quick family trip to Africa. The mohenjo daro  actor posted pics on instagram.

Even after running through busy schedual, the actor made sure that he will spend some  quality with his sons and love to take them to different places. Hrithik and his kids, who love travelling , explored mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and also clicked the wildlife

In one of the pictures, the actor and his kids are seen with three live bears. He captioned the image saying, “The equal numbers are just a coincidence. #photobombedbybears #theyliketomoveitmoveit.”

Hrithik added one more picture holding a piece of map in his hands and wrote, “For the last time, I did NOT get us lost. #yeahrightdad #cansomeoneelsereadthemap #whyarewestillhere.”

later, his two adventurous sons tried their hands on shooting bow and arrow. excited dad hrithik shared the image of his little warriors saying,”I guess they’ve reached the ‘I’m going to be a legendary warrior when I grow up’ phase