HRD Minister Smriti Irani Move Seen As Strong Action From BJP Chief Amit Shah


Smriti Irani, Human Resource Development which handles education was on Tuesday shifted to Textile minister.  She was in politics from last two years.

 PM Modi appointed her as Human Resources Development minister and she shocked everyone both within BJP and outside.

Irani's `degree deficit' issue was seen as the launchpad for a big political career.

The two-year tenure of Smriti Irani as Education Minister ‎was rich in headlines. She was stated as "queen of controversies" by Washington post.

Earlier, smriti irani showed her aggression over issues of Jawaharlal Nehru University, and combativeness towards leading members of the “secular commentariat” and many more.

However, her sudden shift to textile ministry lead to sudden demotion.

But sources say the RSS felt “Ms Irani wasn't moving fast or effectively enough‎ to implement the changes it sought. Those who support her say the expectations of her by the RSS were unrealistic.”

In the last few months, the students were in anger. In January, Dalit student Rohith Vemula killed himself in Hyderabad after alleging persecution by university officials over his caste. His friends and mother said Ms Irani's department was linked to his persecution, an accusation she rebutted in Parliament.

“Ms Irani, considered a protege of the PM, irked two powerful forces. At a national executive meeting of the BJP's top leaders in Bengaluru last year, she allegedly was involved in "incidents that made (party president) Amit Shah unhappy," said a senior party leader without elaborating.

Moreover, Ms Irani was charged for taking orders from the RSS to set a new right-wing agenda via the syllabus and textbooks of schools and colleges – "the saffronisation of education".