HRD minister Prakash Javadekar: ‘Education is not a subject of party politics’



The new Human Resource Development (HRD) Minister, Prakash Javadekar said that “education is not a subject of party politics". Recently, he had replaced Smriti Irani.

Javadekar said that, “Prime Minister Narendra Modi has a vision to improve the quality of education and make it more meaningful”. Moreover, he added that education should be seen as an "emancipator" and "agent of change".

“I would come out with a road map after consultations with the Prime Minister and others, including Smriti Irani, to whose post he has moved in.” Javedkar said.  

As a HRD Minister, Smriti Irani faced lot of controversies during her tenure of two years. She was criticized for Dalit scholar Rohith Vemula's suicide in Hyderabad, the JNU row and allegations of saffronisation of education. Now, she is appointed as Textiles Minister. 

Views of new HRD minister Prakash Javadekar

  • Javadekar said that education "is not a subject for party politics", but is an important issue, and "we will have a discussion on it with everyone."
  • "I will build upon the several good initiatives taken up by Smriti Irani. I accept this new responsibility humbly and I will talk to our earlier minister Murli Manohar Joshi," he said
  • Calling himself a product of student politics during the JP movement, the minister said that education was an "emancipator and an agent of change" and it will play a big role in bringing changes in India in the 21st century
  • "Education gives meaning to life, it gives value to life. Therefore, to make education meaningful is the real challenge. Poor parents do a lot of hard work to educate their wards. So, to provide quality education is our aim and we will be able to do it," he told reporters, adding he will formally take charge on Thursday
  • The minister said the new education policy of India has to be "student-centric"
  • "I want to assure all the teachers across the country that we all will chalk out the roadmap of India's new education policy and education has to be student-centric. I value everyone's opinion and at the same time we will have a larger discussion on it. My doors will be open for any suggestion," he said

Earlier, Javadekar was in charge of Environment and Forest Ministry and now he has appointed as HRD minister.

"I will take charge tomorrow and after getting a brief from the Prime Minister, we will decide the roadmap ahead.

"I have 92-year-old mother, who stays with me. She was a primary school teacher herself and he "values" the contribution of teachers to the society." Javadekar said. He further added  that media too has a "huge role" in this area.