HPV vaccination can help prevent cervical cancer


LUDHIANA: Cervical cancer turns out to be the next most common cancer due to which women are dying, and a simple vaccination can cure it. The number of women diagnosed with breast cancer every year worldwide is predictable to approximately double from 1.7 million in 2015 to 3.2 million, and cervical cancer is foreseen to increase by at least 25 per cent to over seven lakh by 2030, typically in low and middle income countries (LMICs).

Every year, eight lakh women die of cervical and breast cancer. Two thirds of breast cancer deaths and nine out of 10 deaths from cervical cancer occur in LMICs. As per cancer registries, the occurrence of cervical cancer is next superior in Punjab after breast cancer.

Mansa and Bathinda districts have the uppermost occurrence of the disease. According to the National Centre for Disease Informatics Research, and National Cancer Registry Programme reports, occurrence of cervical cancer is superior in Bathinda at 17.5, pursued by Mansa 17.3.

The occurrence in Faridkot is 14.6, Sri Muktsar Sahib 12.7, Mohali 12, Sangrur 11.1, Moga 10.2, Fatehgarh Sahib 10, Amritsar 9.7, Ludhiana 9.4, Jalandhar 9.1, Roop Nagar 8.1, Kapurthala 8, and Hoshiarpur 7.3.

Given the growing burden of the killer disease, the state government of Punjab has determined to involve HPV vaccine in the state immunization programme. The state administration will soon sign a MoU with Unicef to procure 40,000 anti-Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccines to check the extend of cervical cancer in the state.

Dr Baldeep Singh, MD (Paediatrics), managing director, Deep Hospital, Model Town, Ludhianahas also further conveyed that, “there are significant numbers of cervical cancer cases being recorded in the state since the precedent few years.

NGOs with administration help are annoying to launch this vaccine at a reasonable cost at the first. The plan of the administration is well appreciated for deciding to introduce HPV vaccine in immunization schedule. The vaccine efficacy is best seen if managed to girls from 10 years onwards.” Cervical cancer can be prohibited through HPV vaccination, an efficacious and safe defensive option.

HPV vaccine, particularly if given to girls of age group of 9-13, can help protect next to cervical cancer. This vaccination is can be given to girls from the age of 10 to an utmost of 45. But the most effectual is when given at a young age.