How to take care of colored hair?


Girls always wish to look trendy and stylish. For this, she often tries new haircut, classy outfits and even visits parlor for facial. Haircut gives new look to the girl. In this modern world, girls are very fond of hair color. So, they always try new hair colors to get beautiful look. When you get your hair colored, it is very necessary to take care of hair otherwise it may get damaged soon. Check out what you should apply on your hair:

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When you apply color, your hair gets dry. By applying oil, you can get soft hair. Apply coconut oil every week twice. Your hair will get strong.

Apply mayonnaise on hair as it contains lot of protein and it is also very beneficial for hair. Every week make use of mayonnaise. Use it for about 20 minutes and later wash it with lukewarm water.

Use avocado mask on your hair as it provides lot of advantage. Later, wash it with lukewarm water. You will see a change.

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When you apply vinegar, the dirt present on the roots of hair gets completely reduced. After doing shampoo, wash your hair by mixing white vinegar with warm water once a week.