How to styleup in rainy days


Read these tips :

1 jorjet or chiffon – The good thing about these fabrics are that the air can easily pass through them but these fabrics turnout be transprent with drop of water. Think twice while choosing any jorjet or chiffon dress in rains.

2 nilon fabric – nilon tend to be very comfortable fabric in rains as it doesn't have water soaking properties and it also induse in heat. The good thing about nilon is that it gets dry easily. You can choose nilon in rainy days but make sure your dress is not fit.

3 A big no to skin tight – say no to tight fitted cloths as they get transparent with water and you can catch cold easily

4 always keep scarf with you – Whenever you step out make sure you keep your scarf with you. You can have matching scarf to your dress. it helps you to cover your transparent dress.

5 style with bright colors – Bright colors are not always inn but you can play with yellow, pink light green in rainy season

6 floral print – You can choose floral prints anytime in rains. your floral dress will look beautiful in springtime