How to get rid of puffy eyes?

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Every body part play significant role in the survival of human beings. Similarly, eyes are also most precious and vital part of our body.  It should be cared well. Several times you must have noticed that eyes get swelled. The main causes of eyes swelling are dust, prolonged crying, insect bite and trauma. Often it led to eye irritation, dryness, and redness. So, today we are giving some remedies to overcome eye swelling problem.

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Rose water is effective in preventing wrinkles around the eyes. For this, soak two cotton balls on a rose water and apply them on the eyelids for ten minutes. Your puffy eyes will get normal.

To reduce the inflammation of eyes, first massage the eyelids with a little olive oil. Now, keep the tea bag for some time on your puffy eyes. This will help to reduce swelling around your eyes.

Strawberries should be applied on eyes to reduce swelling. It involves antioxidants and alpha hydroxy acid that is helpful in lowering inflammation in the eyes. Take two strawberries and cut them into pieces and keep them under your eyes.

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Potatoes contain plenty of water which is very beneficial in reducing swelling the eyes. It involves lot of potassium and vitamin C which is very helpful in removing dark circles. To use it, cut two pieces of potato and keep it on your eyes for about ten minutes. You will see a change!

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