How spirituality can help you?


The difficulties of life

With so much negativity and terror around, it is difficult to remain positive — especially when you keep thinking about what bad can happen any moment. It is difficult to think positive when there is much adversity around, however it is possible to get through this phase.

How spirituality can help you

However, all is not lost yet because when everything goes wrong, spirituality can come to your rescue. Read on to know how spirituality can help you get through a bad phase.

Thank your body

Take some time to thank your body for letting you carry on with you day-to-day job without any diseases or hassles. Take a moment to think of those who are bedridden and thank the Lord for blessing you with a healthy body.

A continuation of this is to be mindful of what you eat and to stop treating your body like a dumping ground — anything and everything goes into it. Instead treat your body like a temple, you should be thankful to take care of it.

Life is good

Even if you have been facing some problems, try to think that life is positive in every way — you need not say this to anyone else, but repeating this to your own self many times in a day will have a cathartic effect on you.

Watch TV

Yes that’s true. A day of uninterrupted TV watching can really take your mind off the stress — watch something that you enjoy. Even cartoons can make you feel better.

Don’t get addicted

However, here’s a warning: TV can be immensely addictive, however don’t fall into the habit of watching it mindlessly everyday. Everything under limits is fine.

Take credit

Being good is great, however being too good is a cause of worry. When you are really naive, people can take full advantage of you — hence start taking credit of what you do right — a great meal cooked, a big project bagged or a target achieved, start acknowledging your efforts.

Be responsible

Similarly, think of the things that went wrong because of you — a lost project, financial trouble etc. If you take responsibility of your actions, then you will be in a better position to tackle the situation better.

No news

While it is very important to stay updated to what’s happening around the world, it is also equally important to stay away from the negativity all around you once in a while — this isn’t escapism, its defence mechanism.

Be positive

Watching the news can make you overtly irritable, sad or depressed. Of course you should not shun reality as well, but just one day of not watching the news can make you think positive.


Yes, music is therapeutic and how! Even if you can’t sing, grab a mic and croon to any number you enjoy. You do not have to win a prize for it, just doing so will rejuvenate you

Music therapy

If you can’t sing, listen to some soulful music — it will help you relax your mind. You can also pick up a musical instrument or learn to play one — it will instantly relax you.

Peace out

While you might not directly influence world peace, you can start small — control your anger and avoid unnecessary troubles and fights. At the end of the day, anger gets you nowhere.

Inner peace

For your own inner peace, start meditating. Pick out just 5 minutes of the day and sit in silence — observe the world around you and be thankful of what you have. Relax and let go of your misery.

Help others

Helping others not only gives them happiness, but instantly makes you a better person as well — this in turn helps you stay grounded and thankful. Try it, you won’t be disappointed!