How Pineapple Is Beneficial For You?


Pineapple is popular as ananas in Hindi. It is sour in taste. It belongs from Bromeliaceae family. It improves digestion, eye health, boosts immune system etc. It involves Vitamin C and anitoxidants that works well on body. Check out other benefits of Pineapple here :

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Beneficial for Heart

Pineapple has great amount of vitamin C that prevents heart problems. Vitamin C presence in pineapple reduces risk of coronary heart problems.

Involves Anti-inflammatory properties

Pineapple involves lot of bromelain enzyme which helps to grasp protein. It has anti-inflammatory properties that lower swelling in the body. Bromelain combats pain and decreases swelling. It involves lot of chemicals that avert blood from making clots.

Perfect Anticancer agent

Bromelain enzyme present in it fights with cancer.  Pineapple involves beta carotene that treats prostate cancer and colon cancer.


Treats Cataract

Pineapple has Vitamin C which play significant role in clearing the vision.  Consumption of pineapple decreases risk of cataracts.

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Protects Asthma

Pineapples contain lot of beta carotene which is changed into active vitamin A at the time of digestion.