How Mumbai Woman Reclaimed Her Life after Acid Attack


"You never know how solid you are until being solid is your exclusive decision." This famous quote by Bob Marley should have been composed for/by this Mumbai woman featured on the Humans of Bombay Facebook page.

In a moving and moving post, shared somewhere in the range of 18 hours before composing this, the lady, not named, discusses how she recovered her life after a corrosive assault transformed it for eternity.

"Growing up, I never considered myself overcome or solid. Truth be told, I would come up short on the room at seeing a needle. I abhorred going to clinics, despised taking a gander at restorative device and trusted I never at any point need to visit the operation theater. I couldn't deal with the littlest of wounds," she says on Facebook.

However, at 18 years old, she confronted 'one of the cruelest and most agonizing acts a man needs to experience.'

"My neighbor, a young man, always bugged me by proposing marriage each time he saw me," she says. He even undermined to slaughter her dad in the event that she didn't consent to his proposition. She overlooked him until one day he tossed focused corrosive all over.

She was in unpleasant torment however didn't get restorative help until six hours after the assault. "In the wake of driving the kid out of the house, he (her dad) hurried to the police headquarters to record a protest," she says. "It was past the point of no return for specialists to do anything, by then the greater part of my face got to be distinctly deformed," she includes.

This, in any case, isn't the place her story closes since she didn't give that a chance to happen. She moved to Delhi and experienced more than 40 surgeries and with the assistance of Make Love Not Scars, a non-government association, recaptured her lost certainty.

"I then went ahead to finish my tenth and twelfth standard training. I took a class in essential PCs. I made and sold complete sacks of reused daily paper. Furthermore, even I conquered my dread of healing centers and acted as an OPD enlistment center at a doctor's facility," she says.

Furthermore staggering is that today she doesn't consider herself to be a 'delicate young lady' and needs to bring home the bacon for her loved ones. "A vocation will give me the certainty to transcend my circumstance and help me turn into a dynamic piece of society," she says on Facebook.

Read her post in its entirety below: