How Kolkata Celebrated Durga Puja


West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Friday hailed off what she said is Kolkata's response to the famed popular Carnival at Rio.

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Two days after Durga Puja authoritatively finished, 39 thousand icons that won honors founded by the government, were paraded on the arterial Red Road in the city before immersion. The main priest stayed for about three hour scene, as did several individuals.

The state government workers have been given 11 days of Puja holiday. Workplaces will open on Monday.

Simi Saha, a housemaker, who originated from Ultadanga in North Kolkata for the appear, was delighted. "It's happening for the first time in Kolkata. It's amazing"

So was Argha Akuli, an understudy of class 10. "We can sit in one place and see the majority of Kolkata's celebrated symbols."

Others shouted their love for the chief minister. "I cherish you Didi," said another observer Pinki Ghosh.

Individuals moved and sang in celebration before Ms Banerjee, her minister and different VIPs, as stupendous icons cruised by. "This is the world's greatest public carnival. In future the world will come to Bengal to see it," Ms Banerjie said.

But, numerous among the group likewise scrutinized the need of a fair post the Durga Puja festivities and the long government holiday endorsed by the chief minister.

"It's awesome for Bengal's way of life, however what of work culture? Do governments take 11 day occasions," asked a representative who asked for namelessness. "As a Bengali I cherish it. In any case, as a specialist, it is awful news."

Edward fell, who works in accommodation, said, "Five-day Durga Puja is great. On 6th day, we can say goodbye to Ma. 11 days is just excessively."

Political rivals have likewise addressed why the state government ought to have a capacity identified with religion. What's more, spend the citizens' cash on it.

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