How A Curse Led To The Evolution Of Yaduvansh


“Yayati” the son of Nahusha Raje married Devyani the daughter of Shankaracharya and became the king too. Shankaracharya before the marriage only had given strict instructions,  not correspond to anyone except his daughter. Both had beautiful and a happy life, but Devyani’s maid Sharmistha who was from the family of the demons was so beautiful that Yayati was flattered over her beauty. One day when Sharmishtha fell in the well Yayati helped her out and confessed hislove to her. But due to Shankaracharya they couldn’t come in front of everyone so Yayati secretly married Sharmishtha.

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One day suddenly Devyani saw both flirting. She complained to his father and his father Shukracharya Yayati immediately gave the curse of being old, when Yayati heard this he said this curse will also have an impact on Devyani will. Shukracharya said if someone can give you his youth you can enjoy it, otherwise you will be just like that.

He had five sons and Yayati when asked his sons if they can give him their youth 4 refused. The fifth son Puru heard the pain of his father and son gave him his youth. After that Yayati evicted his four sons from the kingdom and cursed them that their son will never rule the same kingdom as of their father’s, they will have to establish a new kingdom. Puru was made the king and the kingdom was called Puru kingdom while the other four were called Yaduvansh descent.

Due to the curse King Vasudeva did not become the king of his reign and after slaughter of Kansa,  Devaki’s father, Ugrasen became the king and then instead of Vasudeva, Krishna became king of Mathura. After the death of Krishna their descendants fought and no one could become the king, just Brij was left who after the sinking of Dwarka was made the king of Mathura by Arjun.

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