‘Housefull 3’ Review: Only about Exotic Places and puny Jokes


Mumbai Touted to be the greatest snicker mob of this current year, ‘Housefull 3’ is good to go to hit the theaters today. The film that stars Akshay Kumar, Abhishek Bachchan, Riteish Deshmukh, Jacqueline Fernandez, Nargis Fakhri and Lisa Haydon has made swirling as of now. Them as well as performers prefer Boman Irani, Jackie Shroff and Johnny Lever will likewise be found in supporting parts.

Considering the way that it is the third film in the fruitful “Housefull” establishment, it’ll be fascinating to see what the producers have in store for the viewers this time. The film rotates around the narrative of 3 men who attempt to persuade a father that they’re the ideal matches for his three little girls.

Will the film be any unique in relation to the initial two movies of the establishment? Touted to be the first absolute performer of 2016, will it do equity to comic drama classification in genuine sense? Will it have the capacity to tickle your clever bones?

Here is the public response coming straight away from theaters, have a look what people and experts say:

9:43 AM – #Housefull3 features @akshaykumar, @juniorbachchan, @Riteishd, @Asli_Jacqueline, @NargisFakhri and @HaydonLisa in pivotal roles.

9:57 AM – Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswati: Meet @bomanirani’s ‘sanskaari’ daughters @Asli_Jacqueline, @HaydonLisa, @NargisFakhri. #Housefull3

10:00 AM – Probably @bomanirani’s character #Batuk is the only father who means it when he says “I don’t want my daughters to get married” #Housefull3

10:07 AM – Literal translations of common phrases including ‘no kidding’, ‘grow up’ are not making anyone laugh (at all). #Housefull3

10:19 AM – Insan mei akal honi chaiye, Surat toh Gujarat mei bhi hai: @bomanirani’s character definitely makes you chuckle! #Housefull3

10:29 AM – Hah, the narratives oscillate between literal translations of phrases to common WhatsApp messages. #Housefull3

10:37 AM – 3 men trying to convince a father that they’re the perfect matches for his daughters forms the crux of #Housefull3.

10:52 AM – Love goes blind, mute and crippled: The sequence with #Akshay, #Riteish, #Abhishek trying to convince ‘papa’ is to look out for #Housefull3

11:00 AM – It’s half time. Exotic locales, pretty faces and brainless jokes; that’s about it. #Housefull3

11:04 AM – #Akshay Kumar’s character traits, comic timing and quirky actions make for some great gags in the first half. #Housefull3

11:17 AM – You just can’t ignore the brainless-ness of the plot and the confusion it leads to. No lofty aspirations here. #Housefull3

11:26 AM – Just when you think it can’t get worse, it goes absurd. It seems they just want a laugh out of you, even if it’s forced. #Housefull3

11:36 AM – Insaan ko humesha clean hona chaiye, dirty toh picture bhi hai: #Housefull3 is full of such phrases. But. How much is too much?

11:51 AM – When a film uses ‘Ek baar ghadi ke upar’ to denote ‘once upon a time’, you know what you’ve paid for. #Housefull3

12:02 PM – To the film’s credit, there are some scenes which genuinely make you laugh such as the one shot with the wax statues. #Housefull3

12:13 PM – #Housefull3 serves up the same humour that was offered in the first two films, just a bit more sillier this time.

12:16 PM – No denying that #Housefull3 makes you laugh; at your plight, on the money you spent on the tickets and a few times with its jokes!

12:19 PM – There’s no logic to this film, but then, nobody walks in to watch #Housefull3 in search of logic.

12:21 PM – A senseless plot decorated with lame jokes and garnished with a stellar starcast and exotic locales; that’s #Housefull3 for you.

12:23 PM – Most of the film is meant for people who can laugh at anything and everything. Go for it if you’re one of them. #Housefull3

12:25 PM – Thank you for staying with us throughout the tweet review of #Housefull3. Stay tuned for more movie updates.