Horrified Villagers Filmed Leopard Electrocuted At Top Of 12-Foot Pole


Inhabitants of a town in the Nizamabad area of Telangana, 180 kilometer from Hyderabad, watched stunned as a leopard dangled off the extremely top of an electric shaft no less than 12 feet high.

The heartbreaking passing of the panther was recorded by witnesses on cellphones in Mallaram town.

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Authorities say the cat had for reasons unknown climbed the electric pole and got shocked after it attempted to chomp the wires. Power must be switched off to cut the leopard’s body down.

Forest authorities said the panther was in regards to four-years of age and perhaps went to a water hole close-by. The forest range is additionally not as much as a kilometer away.

Nizamabad divisional backwoods officer VSLV Prasad said the panther probably “wandered out of the forest which is just a short distance away, looking for prey like cattle.”