Honey Thief caught by China Police in Beijing


BEIJING: A mountain bear was today distinguished as the prime suspect for a situation identified with stolen nectar from a nature save in southwest China's Yunnan Province.

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The case was illuminated after the laborers at the nature save found a footage from an infrared camera which had recorded the "hoodlum".

The bear struck a nearby agriculturist's apiary in the store on the night of June 10, taking a colony and harming a few others, Bi Zheng, an authority with the Gaoligong Mountain National Nature Reserve, said.

Specialists with the store later discovered some bear prints and dung in the forested areas close to the apiary, yet did not close the situation until weeks after the fact when they found the camera on a close-by tree.

The footage demonstrated the bear opening the cover of the hive with its mouth, then withdrawing when a swarm of honey bees flew out. Subsequent to affirming the honey bees were gone, the bear returned and got away with one of the hives into the forested areas.

Bi said now is the season for wild bears, an inferior ensured creature in China, to discover sustenance to get ready for hibernation.

Goats, corn and nectar from neighborhood agriculturists regularly fall prey to the creatures. To better ensure the species, nearby agriculturists will be made up for misfortunes brought about by the bears, subject to directions, he said.

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