Honey masks for soft hair!


In this modern world every girl wishes to have soft, shiny and smooth hair. They made several attempts  but nothing goes fine. No need to get worry, honey is the best way to make hair soft and smooth. Yes, Pure honey act as a natural conditioner for hair. Here are the ways you must use for to get shiny hair.

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  1. Make Honey hair rinse

Take half cup of honey and some water to it. Mix it well. Apply this mixture on your scalp before doing shampoo. Massage your scalp properly for about 15 minutes. You will see a change!

  1. Honey olive oil mask

Add 2 tbsp of olive oil to the mixture of 2 tbsp of honey. Mix it properly and apply it on your scalp. Leave it for about 10 mins. Your scalp will get nourished and your hair will get soft and shiny.

  1. Honey yoghurt treatment

Take some honey and add yoghurt to it. Honey involves  softening properties that helps to provide moisture in the hair.  Mix the mask properly and apply it for about 20 minutes.

  1. Milk and honey nourishment

Fix hair harm with nectar and drain which will give dry, harmed hair with heaps of hydration. Fifty-fifty some full fat drain, include 2-3 tbsp of nectar. Warm the blend somewhat with the goal that the nectar breaks up totally. Painstakingly, apply this blend to your hair, concentrating on the harmed closes. Give it a chance to remain for 20 mins and wash off.

Tips to make hair shiny with these traditional home remedies

  1. Make Egg and honey mixture for unruly hair

Break two new eggs and whip a bit. Add 2 tbsp of nectar to it and whip once more. Separation your hair into segments and apply this blend deliberately onto your hair and scalp. Sit tight for 20 mins or until dry and cleanser the hair. This will sustain the hair from roots making it frizz free, delicate and reasonable.