Honda to Increase Two-Wheeler Facility in Gujarat


Gujarat: The financial system rotating out favorable, Honda Motorcycles & Scooters India Pvt. Ltd. (HMSI) is increasing up for the marketable production of its second line at its newly-built scooter-only plant at Vithalapur in Gujarat. On Wednesday, Yadvinder Singh Guleria, Operating Head – Sales & Marketing – Senior Vice-President, conveyed that test run of the subsequent line had already commenced. He probable the second line, which could agitate out six lakh scooters a year, to go on watercourse anytime at this time. The first line of the Rs.1,100-crore capability, its fourth one in the country, went into manufacture in mid-February. He conveyed that the line has a ability to make six lakh scooters per annum and is now consecutively to full capacity. The company’s odd-looking motorcycle and scooter intersect model – the Navi, is considering close to 50 per cent of customers for customization kits retailed by Honda. And if the trend continues, Honda strength well come out with custom kits for other products in the country. The achievement of the notion is pouring Honda to get bigger the contribution. By the start of the festival season in October, Honda will bring in more tradition kits for Navi. The intersect model, which was launched in only 10 cities former this year, has by now crossed the 10,000 units sold blot this month. “The bike is a new section maker, and we have had to amend our estimates of how it would carry out. Our first sales target was 50,000 units per annum, but now that it has already crossed 10,000 units, we have doubled our production and will look at hitting one lakh unit sales for FY 17,” conveyed by Guleria. By the end of June, the Navi will be obtainable in 35 cities and by August, it mightbe available in whole India.

According to him, the monetary year had begun well for the industry and more so for HMSI on the back of a physically powerful increase led by habitual scooters. HMSI had gained one proportion point marketplace share at 27 per cent but also reported most sales volume at 4.48 million last year. He predictable the two-wheeler industry to station an elevated single-digit enlargement this year, adding that HMSI would see a sales enlargement of over 20 per cent this year.  He also conveyed questioning that the country’s economic rudiments were brawny. Fore cast for a better monsoon also would help revitalize sales in the rural market.