Homemade Remedies: Tulsi Leaves for Cough and Cold


Whether it is due to the cold weather or low immunity, most of us fall victim to infections, and the most ordinary is cold and fever. But in its place of taking a paracetamol to transport your hotness down or gulping down a spoonful of cough syrup to treat a cough and cold at home, use tulsi leaves this time. Commonly found in every Indian household, tulsi leaves are crowded with medicinal values. Right from increaseing your immunity to serving you deals with stress, headache and sinusitis as well. Tulsi leaves arouse the production of immune cells namely T cytokines, NK (natural killer) cells and T lymphocytes to protect next to infection. Eating tulsi leaves on an everyday basis boosts your resistance due to the attendance of immune-modulatory compounds. These leaves also hold antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, which help in lowering your temperature and in treating a cough and cold. Here are some homemade remedies to treat cold and cough from Tulsi Leaves:

1. Tulsi tea: Add a handful of tender tulsi leaves in a cup of boiling water along with tea leaves and allow it to boil for 5 – 10 minutes. Strain and drink the tea twice a day to treat fever and prevent malaria and dengue fever.

2. Tulsi milk: In case of acute fever, drinking a glass of tulsi milk helps. To prepare this, boil some tulsi leaves with powdered cardamom in half a litre of water. Now, mix the fluid with sugar and milk and drink it warm to bring your temperature down. Here are 6 amazing home remedies for viral fever that actually work!

3. Tulsi juice: You can even drink tulsi leaves juice to lower your body temperature. Moreover, it is effective even for children. To 10 -15 tulsi leaves, add a little water and extract its juice. Take it every 2 – 3 hours with sips of cold water to deal with a fever.