How this homeless woman was mercilessly thrashed in Rajasthan


A homeless woman was mercilessly thrashed by two men armed with a thick rubber pipe along the highway in Rajasthan’s Nagaur district this week. Every time the stick pounded her, she shouted in pain pleading to be spared. However, her cries, as per a widely shared video of the attack, appeared to encourage the two men who forced her to repeat after them.

From “Allah” to ‘Jai Shri Ram’, she obediently repeated everything they asked her to say. But they did not stop, raining blows on her legs and back.

The video was recorded on a phone along the parkway in Nagaur’s Kala Nada town by an acquaintance of the two men; around twelve individuals quietly watched till the end when they seemed to give a loud cheer. One of the two men had secured his face; the other wanted to do as such.

As the video accepted to have been shot on Tuesday got around, it reached the police as well. As the clamour for action against the two men grew louder on social media, officers at the Shri Balaji police headquarters recognized the two men. Police headquarters in-control Puranmal Meena said on Friday that the two men, Prakash and Shrawan meghwal had been arrested.

He included that the police were additionally trying to identify the individual who circulated the video. The police is likewise trying to trace the lady yet haven’t succeeded up until now. A cop said it appeared that the woman that the lady was mentally challenged; one reason why she had not been able to properly respond.

Video Source: NDTV