Home Remedies to get rid of oily skin!


Oily skin people have bigger follicles due to which dust enters easily in the skin. It becomes difficult for those people to make their skin clear, dirt-free, and shiny. Taking care of oily skin is must. One can get rid of this problem with these home remedies:

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First of all, apply white portion of eggs on face and later when it is dry, clean it with gram flour. Mix rose water and mint juice to reduce excess oil from the face.

Related imageAdd some drops of cucumber juice to the lemon juice. Mix it well and apply it on your face for nearly 15 minutes. Later, wash it with cold water. Then, apply lotion on your face. Dip the cotton in the mixture and apply it on your whole face.

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Apply oil less moisturizer on face. It is very beneficial in reducing the effect of soap and estrogen. Otherwise the face will look stale.