Home Ministry plans to make Amarnath Yatra a grosser for locals


Jammu and Kashmir: This decision has been taken by union home ministry to turn Amaranth Yatra, the annual pilgrimage into the major grosser for local people. Amarnath Yatra is attended by lakhs of devotees and people come from all over the world to be a part of it.

“It is already an important binding force and if properly utilised to increase the local earnings and business can help provide livelihood to people and thus reduce tension” home ministry said.

Home ministry alleged that ,"We are already in advance consultation with the J&K government and other ministries like tourism, environment and space and earth sciences on how to improve logistics at the local level by providing for better boarding and lodging for the tourists and improving transportation with the help of local people.”

“The tourism ministry has planned tour packages for Amarnath Yatra that will help the local people in job creation," said the official.

Hundreds of trucks carry food to conduct Bhandaras along the Yatra. There will be changes in the route along the Yatra.