Holi Special:What Your Favourite Colour Says About You

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Everyone has a favourite colour and behind having a particular colour as your favourite..there is a personality trait attached to it.

Each and every colour you pick points towards what you seek and how you perceive the world. Sometimes, the colours we wear can even lift up our mood.

Check below what your favourite colour reveals about you:


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Blue symbolizes the sea, which further means stability and deepness. It mean you as a person have got many layers to you and many people in your life rely on you. You’re honest and this makes you trustworthy.


This colour is or Royalty. So, it shows that your choices are elegant and classy. You’re a person of great taste. And you live a dignified life. You’re independent by nature.


As we all know that this is, colour of love! This colour symbolizes passion and desire. It’s a extreme romantic colour, but it also indicates aggression and power too. Choosing this colour makes you a mix of romantic, aggressive and intense nature.


Though this colour denotes evilness and fear but it also denotes elegance and class. This colour is safe as a dressing option and it has deep dark hues!


This colour denotes Purity and contentment. The people who love White colour are generally honest, mature and calm.


This Colour denotes bright sunshine. As those who have liking for this colour are very positive and sharp minded.


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This colour connects to nature, which further means you are evolving and want to grow. Green also signifies wealth and ambition and it also means you might have a streak of jealousy.

Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the land of Sun, Sand and adventures