Hit songs of Ayushmann Khurrana


Ayushmann Khuranna is a popular anchor, actor and singer. He is known for his beautiful lyrics and melodious voice which itself explains the feelings. The songs soothes one’s brain and especially the Punjabi lyrics steals the hearts of lot of girls.

Nazm Nazm (2017)

The song is indeed romantic composed with beautiful words and music. The most loved line of the song is ” Tere Dil ke lifafe mein mera khat hai janiya“. This song was released in 2017. Plus, this song is counted in the best romantic songs of 2017.

“I Don’t Take Comparisons Seriously”- Jacqueline Fernandez

Ik Vari (2016)

The song is directed by Pradeep Sarkar and Produced by BHushan Kumar’s T-series. The song is fascinating and got major listener ship.

Yahi Hoon Main (2015)

The song shows the chemistry between Yami Gautam and Ayushmann Khuranna, where Ayushmann Khuranna lost his life in an accident with his band mates and during the song was playing Yami Gautam was in flashback of old memories. The song is been loved widely.

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Mitti Di Khushbhoo (2014)

The song portrayed chemistry between Ayushmann Khuranna and Huma qureshi. The song is about the rain and the soothing fragrance of India and it’s much more about lost love! The song is composed in Punjabi language which explained the distance and pain of lost love.

Saadi Gali Aaja (2013)

The song is from the movie Nautanki Saala and song showcased the chemistry between between Ayushmann Khurrana and Pooja Salvi. The song is beautifully sung by Ayushmann and truly loved by listeners. The song is all about enchanting music.