Hippopotamus Rams into Car with Man in Driver’s Seat


A South African man, driving by Kruger National Park, was gotten in what is effectively the scariest brute versus machine minute ever. The beast was an angry hippopotamus and the machine just happened to be the car he was driving.

A video shared by the 'Kruger Sightings' YouTube channel demonstrates the heartstopping minute a hippo, remaining on an extension, pivots and slams into the auto.

Welding examiner Wikus Ceronie was en route home on November 25 when the occurrence happened. "This is my first time regularly working in Mozambique and I was on a happy adventure back home to South Africa," he told Kruger Sightings.

That is the point at which he detected the creature and, entranced, started recording it. "There were individuals strolling around in the close-by region so I consequently accepted this hippo was utilized to people," he included.

The hippo, however, wasn't prepared for its nearby up and charged at the auto, assaulting it again and again. "I prepared myself as I understood he wouldn't stop. He hit the bakkie head on and afterward had a go at gnawing it," Mr Ceronie, 26, told Kruger Sightings.

The video indicates how the greater part of this happened and makes for a significant startling watch. You can really hear Mr Ceronie shouting.

"This was frightening for me since I understood I had no place to go and no opportunity to do it in. Adjacent to me was a 50m drop so had he hit me as an afterthought I have probably the auto would have moved down the dike," he told Kruger Sightings.

The video additionally demonstrates the harmed cap of the auto yet fortunately, nobody was harmed. Investigate the video beneath: