Hijab­clad Muslim ladies ambushed, called “ISIS” in US


CHICAGO: A hijab­clad mother­little girl team was ambushed, spit at and called “ISIS” by a lady here in an asserted disdain wrongdoing occurrence, the most recent in the US in  the midst of developing worries over risingThe two Muslim ladies — both wearing hijabs — reported being irritated and physically assaulted in West Rogers Park neighborhood here.

The ladies said they were physically and verbally struck by another lady who disparaged them. They likewise asserted that the Chicago police were not considering the occurrence important. Suzanne Damra told NBC Chicago that the lady tailed her and her mom simply last

Thursday, and attempted to spit on them while calling them ‘ISIS’. A cellphone video, shot by one of the ladies, demonstrates the affirmed attacker reviling, as the two take asylum in their auto. The lady can be heard shouting “…you ISIS! …you  ISIS!”

Damra said it was in any event the fifth time she and her mom had been confronted by the lady. In any case, she proposed it was the absence of assistance from other people who saw the episode, which perhaps steamed her considerably more.

“There were two extremely young fellows, I don’t think they were more than 21 or 22. What’s more, they were giggling, they high­fived her, and said, better believe it, they are ISIS!” Damra said. In the video, Damra’s mom appears to locate the entire scene difficult to accept. “That is the thing that you get from Donald Trump+ ?” she says on the tape. “Empowering insane individuals?” Damra’s mom Siham Zahdam said she trusted Trump’s talk had encouraged those with hostile to Islamic assessments. “Individuals duplicate what he is stating. What’s more, they think he is going to make the white individuals all the more capable!” she said.