Highway Gang Rape: “She shouted ‘Papa!’ when NH gang assaulted her”, says father


NOIDA: The incident happened on Sunday when mother and daughter were allegedly raped on National Highway of Uttar Pradesh while travelling in a car.

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On Monday, the victim’s father said, “The rapists should be given exemplary punishment so that no one commits such a crime again.”

"Papa!" was what the girl had cried out when her attackers tried to catch her," the tearful father told journalists.

The father of the rape survivor added that he wouldn't be able to look his daughter in the eye.

His father said,"I have been staying at a friend's place since the day of the crime. Now, even he wants me to move out," he said. "We will have to change our house and also my daughter's school," he said.

Father said, “I would commit suicide if the investigation was not completed within three months”.

"My daughter is in a state of shock and has not eaten anything since the assault. We are trying to force-feed her. The girl and her mother are being treated, ”he added.

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At the time of incident, father tried to save their family but couldn’t as he was brutally attacked with hammer. He told doctors during the medical test.

His father claimed that the accused were local residents. He added that when the car broke down he had heard one of them shouting, "Aslam, you wait! We are getting the tractor."