Highest places on the Earth located in India


India is an eccentric place with regards to travel and tourism is no news; from a temole where rats are adored (Karni Mata Mandir, Rajasthan) and a place known for mass bird suicide (Jatinga, Assam) to the attractive hill of Ladakh and the living root bridges of Cherrapunjee—India has it all! Also, if that is insufficient, India scores high, riding the "est" wagon (largest, tallest, highest). Here is a quick view of some of the most astounding spots on the Earth situated in the mystic land of India.

Khardung La, the highest motorable road in the world

Notwithstanding late reports questioning the power of Khardung La as the most astounding motorable street, this ideal mountain pass situated in Ladakh keeps on beguiling street trip lovers and bad-to-the-bone bikers. Opened to open in 1988, Khardung La is currently a piece of popular culture and a consistent draw for explorers, who like to break free from the "wellbeing" of agenda driven treks. At an amazing stature of 18,380 ft, Khardung La is all you have to satisfy the experience addict in you. These streets have stories to tell and there are a couple passes that have stories more fascinating and grasping than Khardung La!

Rinchen Cafeteria, highest cafeteria on the Earth

Arranged along the well known Khardung La, Rinchen Cafeteria is a noteworthy traveler pit stop and why not, for it's the most elevated cafeteria on the planet! Named after the neighborhood war legend and Maha Vir Chakra victor Colonel Chewang Rinchen, this sustenance joint is known for its distinctive seasoned teas and noodles. Envision being at 18,380 ft above ocean level, needing some hot tea and abruptly going over a bistro that happens to hold such a lucky qualification.

Siachen, world's highest battlefield

Peaceful objector might want to contrast however wars and fights improve side to them, that of radiance, fortitude, patriotism and respect! Furthermore, the Indian Army has the uncommon qualification of battling despite seemingly insurmountable opposition on the most noteworthy combat zone on the Earth—the Siachen Glacier that stands observer to the valor of Indian troopers, who battle penetration and extreme living condition in the meantime on a height of 5,400 m! Situated in the eastern Karakoram scope of the strong Himalayas, Siachen must be the meaning of the expression that writer WB Yeats begat—a horrendous marvel!

Hikkim, world's highest post office

Commercialization and globalization may have discovered new advances into India however as it's been said, there is no match to the All India Radio, the Indian Railways and India Post with regards to broad reach and entrance in the remotest parts of the nation. Make proper acquaintance with the mail station at Hikkim, Himachal Pradesh, which sets benchmarks for postal access as well as the most elevated mail station in the globe. At an elevation of 4440 m, this mail station is a far-fetched traveler magnet in a generally languid town of Hikkim.

Kolukkumalai Tea Estate, the highest tea plantation on the Earth

The Assam Tea could be one of the world's best known teas, yet that is not all with regards to India and its tea industry. Found 38 km southeast from Munnar, Kerala, is Kolukkumalai Tea Estate, which appreciates the notoriety of being the most astounding tea ranch on the Earth. The sprawling ranch, with an old tea production line close by, is all that you have to loosen up at a height of 7,900 ft above ocean level. As though Kerala as of now didn't have enough to showcase!

Chail Cricket Ground, the highest cricket ground on the Earth

When they say, India is high on cricket, make note of the way that there is another side to it as opposed to the conspicuous impact of cricket in the nation. We are indicating at things more strict than non-literal, and once you become more acquainted with that India is home to the world's most elevated cricket ground, things will be clearer. Worked by Maharaja Bhupinder Singh of the illustrious group of Patiala in 1893, Chail Cricket Ground remains at the tallness of 2250 m above ocean level and is an exhibition in itself. With a multitude of chir pine and mammoth deodar trees encompassing it, the Chail Cricket Ground is an encapsulation of what cricket intends to India. In spite of the fact that the ground has not yet facilitated any universal matches, it is deserving of a specify as it is a significant hit with some test players, who visit it for calm practice sessions.

Yak Golf Course, the highest golf course in the world

The jump from cricket to golf is an unlikely one, as the latter is yet to make a mark as a popular mass sport in India. Yet India houses the highest golf course of the planet! Kupup Valley of Sikkim is home to the Yak Golf Course, the Guinness record holder for being the highest golf course in the world at a mindboggling altitude of 13,025 ft. A challenging 18-hole course spread across 6026 yards of scenic landscape, this golf course serves as a ski centre during the chilly winters. Talk of multi-purpose!